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Journal Entry: Mon Aug 27, 2012, 3:41 PM
I didn't tell anyone, but actually 2 days ago was my birthday. :cake: I actually had a rather pleasant birthday. :happycry: I didn't think it was going to be nearly as good as it was.

I know right now it seems like I'm only posting photos and journals rather than art.. I'm still going to aim to be more productive on DA; I'm doing this before I want to get back in the mode of what I was doing before. Besides, I kinda miss being here. You guys have been really good to me.

Don't you find it a little bit strange when every time you get into a relationship and it ends you find yourself asking YourSelf "was I honestly happier while I was in that relationship or not?" I won't speak for others (like I've done in the past) but I do believe the answer is typically: "No". Like 91% typically, No. So I got this Neat-O idea how cool it would be if I focus less on making someone I already know damn well I can't quote, unquote: "make" happy and focus a little more on myself and discovering what makes me happy.

Lets take me for instance... for the most part, women that I come in contact with -- annoy me and while yes, it's true I use some of them to satiate my male urges, they still annoy me. Wow, now that was cruel. Lets move on :movingon:

What I truly adore in any woman:

Mentally - I want a women who is very intellectual and even if she isn't is willing to proactively learn more about interesting things that may relate to herself, or her environment. Also, someone who's upwardly mobile and is about success and breeding success.

Physically - As long as she's cute, not necessarily sexy, but cute (as I find cute/innocent looks to be very, VERY sexy/alluring anyway), I'm happy. Ideally, on women, I prefer larger breasts (big but, you know... not too big) but that's not something that's at all mandatory nor is it or has it ever been a determining factor in my genuine interest in a woman. I like a woman that has meat on her bones, but not too much meat. ;) She doesn't have to be athletic. Note:: cute Covergirl smiles are a must! i.e. Jennifer :heart: Hewitt.

Interpersonally - A woman who can hold a conversation of sophistication and merit. A woman who is a comprehensive thinker by nature. I like a woman that can challenge me on varying topics but who knows how to concede and admit when she's wrong as I'm not someone who's ever too big to admit when I'm wrong myself. I like women who are aggressive but know "WHEN" to be aggressive. I don't want a women who's simply aggressive by nature and that's typically a turn-off for a guy like me. A woman who's playful, kind, sincere, loyal, and sincere and understands that no means no and yes means yes.

Note:: I do not expect all of these things to be met. The more that are met however, obviously - the better.

That's about it (✿◠‿◠)

• these are things I adore. NOT expectations.

Just what is it that women want from men anyway anyhow? o.^''
Hell if I know. I think the number is somewhere around Infinity Billion. Seriously though, so ask a woman (assuming she even knows the answer).

:iconfailboatplz: :icongtfiplz: a n d :iconstfiplz:

J :bulletblue: U :bulletred: S :bulletyellow: T :bulletwhite: K :bulletpurple: I :bulletgreen: D :bulletred: D :bulletorange: I :bulletpink: N :bulletblack: G
Ooh, the scary red flags. :fear: If you get dumped, don't feel bad. :depressed: Here's a few pieces of advice.
✔ Don't think about them, but if you must.. Think about all the times that person pissed you off. DO NOT THINK ABOUT THE GOOD TIMES. Think about how mad that person made you. It'll help you get past them.
✔ If you consider yourself to be a fairly physical person... Masterbate, and no I'm not joking. Do this A Lot.
✔ Avoid the slow R&B romance songs...
✔ Surround yourself with very humorous people that can help you let go and Laugh Out Loud
✔ Lastly, give it time... you may not completely get over it but you will get to the point it won't bother you. If you're depressed which obviously can lead to suicide and you're feeling emotionally bankrupt.. consult a professional counselor who has specific background experience and knowledge with how to properly cope with such issues before you make a decision you may regret for the rest of your life. This is personal experience talking -- just so ya know.

When I was dumped.. I remember asking a guy that went to the same college I did about women and he said something to me that always stuck with me 'til this day. He said and I quote:

"The ratio of men to women in this world is far too great to be just trippin' off one, you feel me?"

And that makes so much sense, (esp. if you're a guy). Needless to say, I felt so much better. I needed to hear that. I knew I needed someone to tell me that and I thank him so much for it. Often times, women will ask me, "why are you single?"... and my answer is always the same. "Because I chose to be". I'm happy with my decision in that regard. I don't need to feel differently. So for anyone reading :reading: this going through the same thing, keep your head up. :manhug:

(`'•.(`'•.(`'• :liquify::nieman::blackice::batty::ost2life::noir::dygel: •').•').•')
Thx2 Akin 4the Css


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